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An association in the process of foundation comprised of Guatemalans living in greater relative freedom in other countries; who are capable of discerning the vices of Statism that have Guatemala, Latin America —and the West at large— into an economic-political downright spiral towards a totalitarian technocracy that is far removed from the political, social and economic value-driven systems that gave rise to our Western Culture. A team of citizens that, in general, attribute this phenomena to lost social, moral, economic and reign-of-reason Enlightenment values, motivate the possible launch of this counter-"woke" culture site aimed at youth and young adults.

Contracultura GT: an antidote to the prevailing postmodernism in the West, aimed from Guatemala to Latin America. An aspirational "chapín" chapter of the Intellectual Dark Web. A portal of multimedia content that includes articles, podcasts, video and debates delivered in a humorous way; satirical and parodic, acid and colloquial, yet intellectually and academically grounded and honest. An opposition to political, cultural and economic paradigms of the now hegemonic worldwide slant towards postmodernism and political corectness in all these areas.

Contracultura GT would be written by bloggers and amateur content creators, not journalists. We are not going to pretend to be a "media outlet" or "journalists" like other sites —which we shall not name— but that are dedicated solely to ideological activism of said political currents, abandoning all precepts and principles of the journalistic profession: that of collecting the facts and then delivering them to public opinion; instead of giving it, in crass propaganda.

Contracultura GT seeks to be financed exclusively through crowdfunding on third-party platforms, and from private contributions in full transparency and traceability.


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